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Version 1.03

I made this for a game jam, a personal self-imposed one. It went from Feb 28 to Mar 04, five days to make all the graphics and coding from scratch (Not so much the music which I just stole). Dragged myself through next to 30 hours of work while fighting my own burnout, an awfully timed stomach pain and my own desire to drop work and go play Elden Ring.

It takes maybe 10 minutes to beat, much less if you're good. Learned a bunch doing it and I'm quite happy with having pulled through with something that feels whole!

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TagsFurry, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), ninja_gaiden, Side Scroller


Shinobun 1.03.zip 4.5 MB

Install instructions

Just unpack the zip and play the .exe, should work just fine I hope!


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Hell yeah