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A game jam that I made with my friend and fellow degenerate Rawrunes, between the 6th and 10th of march 2023. The original concept and designs were made way back in 2016 during Skype conversations, and we figured resurrecting an abandoned project would make for a fun little challenge.

Tamalewd! is a porn parody of a Tamagotchi toy, featuring all the things you absolutely should not do with your pets, such as fingering their tiny pussy and blasting a nut on their face. It is very graphic and for adults only.

Unlike the real thing, it is not time based. Performing actions such as petting and browsing the shop will increase your pet's XP, which may trigger an evolution based on her happiness level. Experiment with treating her lovingly or annoying her to see every form she may take.

All controls use the Up, Left and Right arrow keys. Beware that the game does not save your progress.

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TagsAdult, Furry, Pixel Art, Porn, Virtual Pet


Tamalewd.7z 4.8 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the .7z file and play the Tamalewd!.exe, have fun.


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the itch desktop app can't install the game, anything you can do to make it work?

Doing everything took a bit, but it didn't take very long to get to the last evolution. Onihidden back at it again.


Hey, how do you download properly? I press the button and it converts it into a unplayable download


its for windows 8 and belo


you use 7zip

I really love this.


cute little game and really lewd

how do you get the bottom path evo's?

make it sad



Can u release an android version for apk

good game, I hope you keep working on this! :)

Out of curiosity, what makes it to where your not in the mood to have sex.  I couldn't quite figure that out.


Can there be a male or dickgirl option in future versions?

Had a play of it and it is actually quite a good game for the actual size of it. i do think it is semi unclear on what you actually have to do to gain hearts and not lose them yet that is part of the charm of the game too. i do know this is a very common response to games that are nsfw but especially with this game i do feel a mobile port would be a good idea first off since it is a smallish game and secondly i feel this game is more of a mobile/handheld game since Tamagotchi is also handheld as well. no actual criticisms of the game and more just general suggestions. also i would not mind to see more evolution paths!