A downloadable game for Windows

best enjoyed with a glass of cold soy milk

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TagsAdult, cuckold, Fangame, fetish, Furry, NSFW, sex, yooka-laylee



Install instructions

unzip file, unzip pants and run exe.

arrow keys and space bar to play.

game does not save your progress.


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Man I love this art style! had fun playing this


is that republican music in the background?

This game had no right being this charming, funny, cute, or this hot.. We are starved for this kinda thing and it even has Trowser in it. It was really good. My favorite ending is 3. You can find the key but not go back for a funny extra message from Trowser! I liked this one a lot!

Goofy as hell but fuck if it doesn't have it charm tbh

Genuinely a really fun and funny game, also pretty damn hot weirdly
Well worth the time getting all the endings lol


me whos into cucking and chastity

what a win


Why is this good? Why do I keep playing? Why is this so incredibly horny to me? orz


For anyone who hates cuck stuff like me, the game i worth trying. There's a lot of funny charm and different endings. Funnily enough, only one of them is really a cuck ending


So how to get six ending? (ik one already spoil that but i don't understand what he meant) 

At what exact area is the Right Key located?


Absolutely hilarious lil' game, fun stuff!!

How to get 6 ending?

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So from what I can tell: (And obvious Spoilers for key location etc.)

1 Don't move.

2 Reach Trowzer without the key after the time limit.

3 Reach Trowzer with the key, but after the time limit (you can grab the key later. It's Upwards, first left, past the minefield, then up until you are in a room with four exits, all but the bottom one surrounded by 2-wide lines of mines. The key is in one of the three adjacant rooms, but it's rng which one)

4 Get the key and reach Trowzer in time

5: Collect all keys (including the one you have to collect as the first-it's in one of the rng rooms, apparantly)

6 (Edit: Thanks to Garry_T_Fox) Collect the dead-looking key in one of the rng rooms. You CANNOT collect any other key before it. Return to Trowzer's room and go right, past Shovel Knight until you find a big key at the end. Bring it to Trowzer.

I'm trying really hard, where is the key? is it always the same or does it change every time? Please

the key is always in the same place

but where?

please, where?

at the upper intersection to the left, go to the end and then up and in 3 rooms in the corners you will look

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I know how to get ending six (Even more spoilers)

What you have to do is get the same key that you have to collect first, then you have to get back to Trowzer, go right (where Shovel Knight is,) and ;eep going right until you hit what is normally a dead end, but now holds the fabled "right key." After a cutscene plays, just return to Trowzer. (Which is made much easier with the power of the Right Key. )

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Please explain further

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How do you collect all keys and not get 6th ending? I’m getting The Right Key ending whenever I collect the first key and The Right Key after that.

Edit: Nvm, i missed few keys along the way, you gotta collect all except for The Legendary Right Key.



Please explain further

I really enjoyed my time with this game. It is short but very sweet, the dialogue and gags were endearing. I felt a genuine sense of accomplishment and badassery upon getting the 6th ending (which I won't spoil.) Kudos to you Onihidden. I'd recommend it to all my porn-game-connoisseur friends if I had them.

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